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New one-time programme launching for 2021

Design your day to feel strong and centred

2020 has been a shock for everyone, unfortunately because we are not free of Covid-19 and the restrictions that places on our way of living, we have to find a way to be stronger in mind and body ourselves. If this has been a struggle for you, you are not alone.

It has been a huge time for reflection and, because we will not go back to “how things were” any time soon, let’s turn this into an opportunity for empowerment. 

I’m launching a new, one-off, totally unique 3-month programme in January 2021 that will take you right through the drab winter days into the spring. 

This is yoga-based for a strong foundation. We will work on establishing or consolidating a regular yoga practice, troubleshooting the sun salutation and common poses to fit your body, but look at all the blockers in your day to achieving your ideal day.

That hobby you wanted to start, that way of eating you wanted to follow, that feeling of rest you need every day. 

1. January: MEET  We will reflect on what is important for us individually with the support of physical exercise and 
2. February: IDENTIFY: Habit track to understand where we spend our time and what is missing or in excess
3. March ALIGN Re-design our days to lay the foundations for our futures.

The sun salutation and regular practice will support this deeper reflection and you can establish over the 3 months a regular yoga practice for health long into your future.

The dynamic group and coaching calls with me will keep you inspired and help you get unstuck.

Let’s take control of what we can and so be stronger, calmer, happier in the face of whatever comes.

This is a 3-month program because I don’t want you to leave you in the cold dark months! This will take you into the spring, because we all know the spring flowers and longer days always bring a little more ease into our world. 

Provisional dates: 
We start 3 January 

1. Focus on Yoga practice: We will look at establishing a simple home yoga practice with the support of a dynamic group. This offers accountability and inspiration. 

I will help you adapt the sun salutation to your body so you can find ease and look forward to your yoga practice.

We will troubleshoot issues you may have with yoga in small, often shared spaces. 

2. Focus on understanding how you spend your time vs how you would like to spend your days. Here we go deeper into your habits in eating, sleeping, learning, resting, having fun and your dreams and see where you’re at. 

3. By now you will have established a regular exercise practice that is right for you. You have also understood where your habits take you. This month, you will start to make room in your day to move towards how you would like to live. With intentional living, balance in exercise, rest, nutrition and fun, you will emerge stronger. 

How can I help you?

Yoga can do you wonders. Things get in the way namely finding the time,   knowing what to do and how to adapt yoga to YOUR life and body. 
Let’s fix that.


Design your day

If a 90-minute class is a luxury, let me help you make manageable amounts of yoga a habit in your day.
Join my unique, one-off program to start 2021 as you mean to go on.


small spaces

Is a lack of space is putting you off trying to do yoga from home, or you're wondering what you need to start? Drop me a line below and I'll help you get off the ground.


yoga assessment

Struggling with a pose or the sun salutation? I will help you find the most suitable versions of each pose for you and your goals in a personalised assessment.

5 ways to do yoga

Get going with my guide “5 ways to easily bring yoga into your work day”.
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