5 ways to avoid injury when practicing yoga

Woman seated on cushion doing yoga

1. Check the space around you. Can you spread your arms out ok? It’s ok to do yoga in a small space, just be aware of the surface and objects and people nearby.

2. Always warm up. This can be the sun salutation, a jog, a dance video, but do something before you head into a wheel or fish pose.

3. All poses can be done in different ways, so lookout for an adaptation that suits YOUR body, or for an instructor who will guide you into one.

4. Become mindful of how you move and rest your body when not doing yoga. Everything you do has an impact not just on your yoga ambitions, but on your future active life.

5. One of my favourites: use props! Props make yoga so much more comfortable and adaptable to different bodies. They can be home made (a blanket or towel rolled up) or purpose-made such as a bolster or a block.

If you’re interested to hear more on how to do yoga safely and comfortably in a small space, get in touch, or let me know what you’ve discovered from your own home practice.

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