No time for yoga

Are you feeling like you could really use some yoga, but just can’t find a way to shoehorn a 90-minute class into your day? 
You’re so busy with work, projects, keeping up with everything, even finding the time to speak to regularly your nearest and dearest is hard. And yet you know yoga will benefit your mood and how you move and impact how you enjoy your day and interact with others.

Maybe you’re unable to attend a yoga class because 2020 has just changed everything for everyone. 

Whatever your situation, here are 3 really simple tips to get yoga back into your day.
Simple because it doesn’t need to be complicated.
Simple because you can start today.

  1. Link your yoga to another activity.
    What do you do already? Identify some regular routines in your day.
    If it’s bedtime: carve out 15 minutes for gentle stretching and meditation.
    If it’s cardio exercise, take 10 minutes to use stretches that will complement it and 5 minutes for relaxation.
    If it’s a walk in the park, find 5 minutes to sit under a tree or make up a family yoga game. Tip: there are tonnes of yoga flashcards and dice out there if you’re stuck for ideas). e.g.
  2. Forget yoga being a 90-minute studio class.
    If a 90-minute time commitment leaves you feeling overwhelmed, go for shorter bursts (YouTube or many of the yoga apps have sessions under 30 minutes), or explore yoga in a broader sense by picking up a book or putting to practice what you know already (breathing, meditation, mindfulness and more).
    e.g. Kassandra for 15 minute yoga. For books, come on, you can search 😉
  3. Use the calendar
    Examine your day.
    Look for a couple of windows in your week where it seems feasible to get the mat out and start.
    Set aside a time.
    Set a reminder.
    Important! Listen to your wise past-self when the reminder comes through. 😉
    – Did you take action? If not, what stopped you? Don’t beat yourself up just learn from it, maybe adjust the time and try again.
    – If you did, awesome! How did it feel? Set that reminder to repeat with no end date (it’s ok to skip a few, but you’re on your way to building a yoga habit with no thinking required. That is the best!).

    PS if you’re not feeling motivated and need some tougher love on this one, listen to Mel

Let me know how you get on. I’m all ears 😀

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