Does Christmas & NYE mean Stress & overwhelm for you?

How to avoid feeling down around Christmas

If you’re feeling a little blue and fed up over the festive period, perhaps suffering with the dark, damp days and high pressure to create magical moments, it’s time to rethink where that pressure is coming from and put it into perspective so you can enjoy your days, your way.

Amazing scenes from Christmas movies, ads and stories don’t help.
Snowy fun scenes never affect the traffic or schools and work, cosy department stores sell expensive jewellery as the perfect gift that people can afford, people create a spectacular meal for 20 people without a hitch, gifts are piled high, houses are immaculate and decorated like a winter wonderland, not to mention larger than average.

Christmas over, New Year’s parties, outfits, celebrations start up, but maybe that’s not your thing and that’s ok.

  1. Let go of expectations

These may be lovely films, but they are just that. This is fiction, a fairytale selling a lifestyle. It might be one you’d love to live, or not.
So what if you ignored all these expectations? Would you breathe more easily? Would there be a little more joy and space in your thoughts? After all, Hollywood does a terrible job of representing life realistically. Think about romantic comedies, and the idealised couple, love at first sight and fantastically extravagant weddings!

2. Figure out what you would enjoy

What is the one thing you would like this period to be? The one thing you want to do. The one experience or gift you want to offer, if any. You don’t have to please everybody else.

3. Be selective

If you’ve got the school run, work, kids to feed, money to stretch, family disputes, the house in need of a wonderful housekeeper, kids squabbling, travel restrictions and don’t even talk to me about the elf on the shelf, then simplify. Reduce stuff, reduce plans, reduce noise.

What is the one thing you want this time to be. And it’s ok if this is a day like any other. It’s ok if it’s more or less Santa, more or less church, more or less food, more or less family and frolics, more or less gifts. Perhaps you’re missing someone and want to have peaceful contemplation or do something totally new and different. That’s your call.

It is just a day. But it is one of your precious days.

4. Own it, plan it, live it

If you’ve suffered through this year, it’s time to start getting the ball rolling to be in a better place next year. What or whose expectations do you need to change. What do you want to save for? Where would you like to be? Don’t wait until next Christmas to start designing your way to your preferred plan.

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